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We love when our homeowners are excited and work hard for their homes, taking every opportunity for sweat equity, and remind us all over again why we love building homes. Alicia is a single mother of three who first applied for the Habitat homebuyer program 5 years ago! When she first applied, she was living in a 2-bedroom apartment with her kids, but what she wanted most was to own her own home. She saw the Habitat program and decided that this was the best path for her.

Alicia's family in their framed home  Alicia hammering nails into her home  Alicia helping her daughter hammer a nail

She did not get accepted the first time she applied. Or the second time. When she applied the third time, her living situation had changed. Instead of living in that 2-bedroom apartment with her three children, she was living in a 3-bedroom home with 11 other people! Alicia and her three children shared a room together with one bathroom. This was not an ideal living situation and she finally got selected!

Alicia signing closing escrow documents  Alicia with Johnathan and Kindra signing papers

Due to COVID and construction delays it took two more years for her to finally own her home, but now she does! She told us that it was worth the wait. “Even though the process was long because of COVID, it was easy. It taught me a lot and built my credit. I am buying my first home with no other debt!”

We are incredibly excited for Alicia and her children to finally have a home to call their own!

Alicia with her family and keys to their new home

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Homes for dedicationJohnathan and Kindra with their family and the keys to their home