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We are incredibly excited to announce our Fall Build Day Fundraiser! (Click here for all of the details.) This is a special opportunity for our donors to experience a unique day at the Habitat Build Site. It is an opportunity to work with the construction crew, learn about Habitat, meet Habitat homebuyers and Repair Program recipients, and be a part of building and repairing affordable housing in Tuolumne County.

Do I have to donate $200? I can’t afford that.

We understand that not everyone can afford to donate $200 at one time. If you would like to join us, but cannot donate that much, we encourage you to have friends, family, or co-workers donate on your behalf. When they visit the Habitat Build Day Donation Page they will be able to donate to YOU so that you can join us.

However, we understand that it is not always possible. We would still love for you to donate. Any and all donation amounts are welcome and appreciated! We would love for you to join us, but your donation will go a long way to helping build affordable housing in Tuolumne County.

What is a Build Day?

Typically, a Build Day is a day set aside on the Habitat Construction Site for local business, community groups, and non-profit organizations who support Habitat to have their own day to volunteer. It demonstrates our commitment to working with local organizations and it shows the community how their local businesses work together. If you would like to set aside a day for your group, visit our Build Day webpage.

We decided to extend that special day to YOU. We set aside two days in October for you to have the full Build Day experience! Our staff is available to talk with you, answer questions, give special direction, and connect your contribution to our mission. Homebuyers or Home Repair Recipients are on site for you to meet them, talk with them about what Habitat means to them, and give you the opportunity to build their home WITH them.

Why can’t I just volunteer?

The answer is simple – YOU CAN! We would love for you to join us any other day as a volunteer. And if you would like to be a Habitat volunteer visit our Get Involved Page or email!

However, when we have typical volunteers on the Construction Site, we usually request that you have some experience with construction or a basic understanding of how to use the available tools. For a Build Day – NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! You don’t need to know how to use a saw, where to place a board, or what needs to be built. We provide EVERYTHING you need and all of the guidance necessary for you to have a successful day and contribute to the construction of Habitat homes.

The purpose of the day is to connect your donation to our mission. We want you to see where your contribution is going! We want you to experience how your donation builds a home for a member of your community! And if you LOVE being a part of building affordable housing, we would love to have you come volunteer again, and again.

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