RePurposing, ReCycling, ReStoring Old Entertainment Centers

With the advent of flat screen TV’s, many are starting to refer to those big old home entertainment centers and dinosaurs. ¬†Granted, some of them feel like huge dinosaurs when you are trying to get rid of them.¬† A quick trip through the ReStore will show you that people are donating them by the dozens. Using these amazing DIY tips transform your old entertainment center into something worth keeping!


Using some paint, a towel bar, and some handy baskets this old entertainment center is now a laundry and storage unit. Perfect for the laundry room, but cute enough for any child’s room!


Transform ho-hum entertainment centers into a whole new kind of entertainment for the kids! Using unique material, bright paints, and a few kitchen fixtures (all can be found at ReStore!) this new play kitchen will keep the little ones entertained for hours!










A person who is handy with a skill saw can make this old center like a new piece of furniture. By cutting the top off, sanding the edges, and adding a coat of paint along with some decorative throw pillows you can have a new storage bench!






Most supplies to make these re-purposing DIY projects are available at the ReStore! Stop by today, see our large selection of entertainment centers with endless possibilities or find the finishing touches you need to complete your entertainment center transformation!

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