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Jeff has been in a wheelchair for many years, and he and his wife Tina have found it hard to do normal, daily activities due to the needed repairs on their home.  It was through our continued work of helping those who need our services, that we met Jeff and Tina.

Tina, though struggling in her daily life, has been doing the best she could to take care of her husband and handle the responsibilities around the house.  They needed a new ADA ramp to help Jeff leave their home safely, even for the simple task of going outside, in addition to a new back door, and a few smaller maintenance projects easily handled by our construction crew.

Ramp before repair

Original ramp built over stairs

Original ramp built over stairs without safety railing

Original ramp built over stairs












The knowledge that they would have to call the fire department for any emergency, to move Jeff or get him out of the home to safety, or even attend a simple doctor’s appointment, added pressure to Jeff and Tina and made their lives that much harder.

Tina heard about Habitat for Humanity of Tuolumne County’s Home Repair Program from her neighbors who had also received repair assistance.  Hearing what we did for them, and how happy her neighbors were, Tina decided to give us a call.

After submitting an application, and once the initial assessment was complete, our construction crew was able to build an ADA ramp for Jeff and Tina that reaches all the way to their driveway where they can easily and safely access their vehicle.

Brand New Accessible Ramp

Brand New Accessible Ramp

Jeff, who is currently working to become more physically self-sufficient, and Tina are absolutely ecstatic about their new ramp and the help we were able to provide.

When asked about their experience, and what they wish more people knew about Habitat, Jeff and Tina said they just want more people to be aware of Habitat for Humanity of Tuolumne County’s Home Repair Program and the help we are able to provide in our community.

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