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It’s always a wonderful experience to get to know our clients when we are helping them with their repair needs.

We had the honor of meeting Dorothy and being of assistance to her while replacing two of the windows in her home that had leaks.  Persistent window leaks need to be repaired quickly before they cause damage to walls, flooring, and even the structure of a home.

Dorothy is a lovely woman who welcomed us into her home and offered such kind hospitality as sharing a morning danish and latte’s she made especially for us. Although we didn’t expect her delicious breakfast, it was a wonderful and appreciated gesture.

As our construction crew worked, we talked with Dorothy about her needs living alone. Her late husband was a contractor and had been able to help her with repairs and the up-keep of her home. However, since his passing along with the loss of her two older sons, she now relies on her youngest surviving son to help out when he can.

Dorothy heard about Habitat for Humanity of Tuolumne County, and the services we provide, through an annual mailing and gave us a call. She was extremely grateful for the affordable repairs we were able to make on her home, and it was a great day and experience for the construction team and our volunteers.


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